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Over the last 18 months all our lives have change in one way or another. We can no longer hold the freedom to move around like we once did.

We have not had the chance to travel so all we have is memories in the form of photos and music.

My passions in life and not in any order Food, Music, Travel and Photography.

Over recent years we have found ourselves spending more time in Puglia a region of Italy on the south Adriatic cost. One town in particular, the small town of Polignano a Mare. Built on the cliffs overlooking a small rocky cove with a rich history dating back to the Byzantine Empire in the 6th century. This is the first of many posts about the place Ive fallen in love with.

With many local restaurants and bars this small but perfectly formed town has a gem at its heart, a vegetarian restaurant call Mint Cucina If I was in London there is a good chance I would shy away from a vegetarian restaurant. There is no shying away from Mint and the style of food they serve. If you’re not on board with what they do they would rather turn the booking away.

After a good few visits Fabrizio the Chef and owner invited me into his kitchen along with my camera. I could hardly say no.

Mixing ingredients for the restaurants desserts for that evening.
Placing Lemon slices on the Lemon tart
Fresh from the oven.
Yet more goodies for the dinners that evening. They tasted great by the way.

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