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Jazz Noir

Front cover from the book

It’s taken sometime to get this little project off the ground. A few reasons, what to choose, will be colour or back and white or both.

The next big one is who’s in and out, well everyone who I’ve photographed will be “In”

It’s not about who the artist is, it’s about the image. Some work in Black and white and some stand their ground in colour. As the book is Jazz Noir it’s all about the Black and White.

After 7 years photographing at Ronnie Scotts and before that photographing for UK Vibe there are not many artists I’ve not photographed. If I’m honest loved every min of it.

So the book is self published project and it print on demand. Hardback 10/8 landscape with dust jacket. 120 pages of beautiful Black and White Jazz images.

Out on the 18th October 2021

Here is a link to order

This is the first in a collection of books from over a decade photographing around the music world. Ive another two books I’m currently working on.

Below are a selection of images from the book.

Archie Shepp London 2013

Roy Hargrove Ronnie Scotts 2015

James Pearson Ronnie Scotts 2020

Marcus Stricktland Ronnie Scotts 2016
Dr Lonnie Smith Ronnie Scotts 2015
Eric Harland Ronnie Scotts 2017
Bill Laurance Ronnie Scotts 2020

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